Hello, my name is Alyssa Rose Irwin. I am a photographer based in San Diego, California & there's nothing that makes me happier than capturing photos of people, events, places, or items that turn out looking magical.

As a student attaining my bachelor's degree in Interior Design, I see the whole world as potential for art - potential for creativity. We all go through the mundane, and sometimes it is simply the mundane that is photographed. For your photos, I want to do more than click a button. Photography to me is so much more than a technical skill that requires no intuition. 

No, photography is an art. With the perfect background, angles, lighting, & the right perspective, I can capture photos for you that are not just memories, but artistic moments in time. 

The best way to capture portraits is to brainstorm about the perfect spots/hobbies/clothing that represents the essence of who YOU are (or your relationship with someone else), truly & fully. For event or product shots, we can figure out the best way to capture those magical moments or beautiful products.

Once we got that down, there's nothing left to do but shoot. Let's capture some magic. 

           Alyssa Rose