Browse through various photo albums to see the different kinds of shots that are taken during one single photoshoot at an event or with an individual, couple, or group. 

Dark Enchantment.

A photoshoot with the beautiful & mysterious Carolina Mendoza.

Welcome to Narnia.

Photoshoot with the lovely couple, Carolina Mendoza & Jose Reyes. Adventured around graffiti covered trees and rocks as they showed off their special connection.

Flame & Flamingo I 

Photoshoot for the jewelry & clothing company, Flame & Flamingo. Shot with 3 lovely girls who rocked boho ponchos, tunics, & crystal jewelry. 

Scholar at the Salk Institute

Photoshoot with George Chiporikov at the Salk Institute, a building for biological research that has absolutely outstanding architecture & exterior design. 

Trizzle Trazzle

Photoshoot with Tristan Fenby, occasionally known as "Trizzle Trazzle". Explored a dam hidden away in the middle of the suburbs.

Cami & Chad.

Photoshoot at Balboa Park with Cami & Chad. Celebrating 4.5 years of love shared together. 

Flame & Flamingo II

Second photoshoot with the jewelry & clothing company, Flame & Flamingo. The 3 models showed off some flower crowns, shirts, and scarves at the beach.

Drew at Sunset

Quick photoshoot with Drew Bushnell right as the sun was about to fully set. Captured in the beautiful city of San Bernardino.

Sean on Halloween

Late night photoshoot with Sean Leminh on Halloween - showing off his new motorcycle. 

Alyssa & Connor as Bonnie & Clyde

Alyssa Faiferlick and Connor Ritz dressed up as Bonnie & Clyde for Halloween. 

Maria in the Moonlight

Late night photoshoot with Maria Omelchenko, lit by street lights and some beautiful moonlight.

Field Explorin' with Selena

Explored the beautiful fields of Mission Trails with Selena Moore during the golden hour.

Kyle in Hillcrest

Late night exploration of Hillcrest with Kyle Irwin.